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Monday, November 28, 2011

Another Tuesday

So trying to get back over here and blog, I enjoy reading the other bloogers and can't get my butt over here.  Anywhoo here is the picture of my Puppy mill Princess, Daisy.
I was taking a Christmas card photo, yes I'm one of those crazy people who put their dogs on their cards. Well the other dogs ran for it. I believe it was a dislike for the Santa, reindeer, and elf costumes.  But the princess stayed and she looked like a little super model and here's the picture.  So I snapped a few of my little doll. 

Did I say Johnny Reb's sister had a baby a few weeks ago?  Here she is no longer puffy and as sweet as can be. 
I love the little wisp of blond hair.  Well that's all for now have a great Tuesday!  -m

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's Tuesday

So this is my very first blog, I have been inspired by Ree Drummond and the Bush Babe whose Blogs I follow. Great blogs you should definitely check them out. 

So I am wondering what to blog about and really have no theme or anything in mind.   
I was thinking to talk about the little bit of snow we had over Halloween.  We had about a foot and a half here!  Johnny Reb had to clear a path through, so the dogs could go out to go.  I have a nice picture of Henry ready and waiting to go out into it, he is a mini poodle. 
My Princess "Daisy" is a Chinese crested, a little naked dog and not equipped for the snow, fortunately, I am little insane with dressing her so she has lots of clothes. She is a survivor from a puppy mill. She was a breeder there. But that's a story for another day.  And do I even have a picture of her? Of course not.  She is snoozing in her bed at the moment and I don't have the heart to wake her.  If you can imagine the gremlins from the movie Gismo that's basically what she looks like.  Not the cute furry ones, the scary all the teeth and skin ones, She even has the white stripe.   I'll have to post a real one for comparison for you all to see.

So that's a little bit about us here in New York more next time.